Generating furniture plans is as important as generating plans for a dream house. You always need to understand what the client is expecting, what their wishes and demands are etc. Precise and well done furniture plans are the basis of a quality furniture. Furniture plans make it possible to calculate manufacturing time, the amount of fittings needed and also the amount of materials needed. It also gives a good overview about the steps of the manufacturing process, which are needed to assure efficency and manufacturing quality.

Today the capability of doing 3d design is as important as  generating furniture plans. 3D drawings make it possible to visualize clients´ wishes and it also gives a good overview of the room itself. When ordering your dream furniture, it is extremely important for the client to understand how the furniture will look inside their home, before making the order. The engineers at Sisuko have learned this during the time they have been on the market. Their experience has made it possible to work together with designers and architects on an international level.

So, in our everyday work, we would like to be on the same side of the table as the client is. 3D modelling and design allows also us to understand what our clients expect.


client´s-kitchen-design-idea   3d-kitchen-drawing-made-by-sisuko